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The Indian Administrative Service or the I.A.S is one of the most sought-after services in India. It is one of the most prestigious services in India. The UPSC, being the premier central recruiting agency that conducts this exam, actually conducts a range of exams for recruitment to the various services of the country. Candidates interested in the civil services exam, known as the IAS exam in common parlance, should know that this is considered one of the toughest competitive exams in the country and takes a dedicated, disciplined, and most importantly, planned , strategized effort to get through the three stages in this exam.

Some candidates do clear this exam without coaching, but they are few in number. The vast majority of successful candidates have taken some form of coaching or the other, and even if many wouldn’t have attended classroom coaching sessions, they would have taken a test series or some kind of online IAS coaching. A look at the number of people who take this exam every year will reveal the intense competition involved. On an average, about 5 lakh candidates take the UPSC prelims exam, which is the first stage in the IAS exam process. Out of this number, only about a thousand make it into the final merit list. A perusal of the UPSC syllabus will definitely help you gauge the enormity of the task ahead of you.




Courses in Gurgaon Centre

  • * First time ever, Residential Coaching Programme for UPSC aspirants.
  • * Foundation programme for the young talented aspirants who have recently passed out class 12 or are in the early phase of Graduation.
  • * Basic to Advance: For the ones who wants their basics to be also updated. Working from the grass root level this programme takes you to the advance stage.
  • * Advance: For the ones who are very much clear with the basics, having exposure and experience with various competition exams. Gives you the comprehensive approach on how to crack the exams.
  • * All excluding Residential Coaching Programme.
Gurgaon IAS Academy Center

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We don’t mean to scare you out of your wits! Just giving you a heads up about the road ahead. In any case, worrying about the IAS journey is hardly helpful to the cause. What is needed is solid preparation work that can help you not just clear the UPSC IAS exam, but also become a topper! GURGAON IAS ACADEMY, a name in the education industry for some time now, offers its proficiency in learning and expertise in teaching to the IAS coaching arena as well. GURGAON IAS ACADEMY has helped numerous students achieve their IAS dreams through its twin modes of classroom coaching and online coaching models. IAS aspirants can opt for any of the GURGAON IAS ACADEMY is according to their convenience. Our ambition is to make learning simple, adaptive and effective and we imply the same to IAS exam preparation as well. We make sure that our UPSC candidates get the best IAS coaching in our civil services coaching centers so that they emerge successful in this hard-fought exam.

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Best IAS Coaching